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Camera Control Unit (CCU) Operator
We are seeking Camera Control Unit (CCU) Operator to be responsible for operating cameras and lighting equipment in the studio or on location to an advanced level.
About Alghad TV
Alghad TV is an Arabic language satellite and online news channel which was first launched in 2012. It broadcasts international and Middle East news 24/7 to many audiences around the globe; specifically, Arabic speaking audiences. 

Alghad TV has 34 news bureaus around the world with more than 50 correspondents. Alghad TV delivers objective and accurate news away from sectorial and regional conflicts giving an alternative voice to audiences in a region where the media has become very divided and polarized. 

Alghad TV promotes the culture of tolerance and aims to enlighten the views of its audiences.

About the Role
The CCU Operator is responsible for operating cameras and lighting equipment in the studio or on location to an advanced level. 

This candidate must ensure that the lighting and camera settings comply with the guidelines to ensure correctness of the final output through camera shot composition, framing and lighting for live and pre-recorded programmes as directed.

Principal Accountabilities:
  • Test the functionality of all necessary equipment before shooting live and pre-recorded news or programs (i.e. camera, lenses, monitors, camera robotic system, CCU for each camera, lighting unit – LEDs, Fresnel, cool light, lighting desk)
  • Perform camera line-ups-matching camera parameters for colour and exposure
  • Comply with directed camera compositions and framings during live/pre-recorded news or programs according to the TD, Head of Cameras instructions and as per news or programme requirements
  • Operate Multiple Robotic Camera Control System, crane or hand held camera system
  • Monitor cameras video level via a waveform monitor for quality control in terms of luminance and chrominance levels -maintaining output to industry set standards and settings
  • Control and balance lighting levels via the lighting desk/ lighting control units
  • Arrange and set lighting for live/pre-recorded news, weather or programs according to the Technical Director’s instructions to ensure all colour schemes conform to broadcasting standards
  • Perform routine maintenance for all cameras and lighting equipment
  • Coordinate with the Head departments
  • Prepare reports regarding equipment, troubleshooting issues, failures and any other relevant issues
  • Perform other duties relevant to the job as requested by superiors.

Scope & Impact:
The role directly impacts our output. The post holder must have high levels of personal integrity and is required to take a considerable level of personal responsibility for their work. 

Organized and systematic in approach, with punctilious attention to detail, candidates must be capable of exercising good judgement and be able to work effectively and calmly under pressure and to tight deadlines.

  • Reports to the Head of Operations in a team
  • Liaises with internal departments at all levels in an operational setting
  • Communicates routinely and professionally with Alghad TV and anyone associated to Alghad TV.

About You
Experience, Knowledge & Skills required:
  • Extensive technical knowledge of HD video production systems
  • Operate video cameras, lenses and studio lighting
  • Operate studio pedestals, dollies, jimmy jib and crane systems
  • Operate hand held camera
  • Operate video signal monitoring equipment (i.e. waveform monitors and vector scopes)
  • IT literate
  • A friendly disposition and an air of calm authority
  • Knowledge of studio technology
  • Able to monitor many signals simultaneously
  • High sense of attention for live coverage
  • Able to deal with the live events and take the proper action when needed.

Key Competencies:
  • Communication Strong written and verbal skills to work effectively and diplomatically with contacts at all levels including clients
  • Problem solving - Able to simplify complex problems and to explore/evaluate them systematically.
  • Planning and organizing - Able to think ahead proactively, to establish an efficient and appropriate course of action for self and others. Prioritize and plan activities taking into account all the relevant issues and factors to manage time effectively.
  • Working under pressure – Able to maintain attention to detail, multi-task and deliver to a tight transmission/delivery deadline. Works productively in high a pressure environment and keeps emotions under control. Learns from setbacks.
  • Managing relationships - Able to build and maintain effective working relationships. Work with others to be part of a team, as opposed to working separately or competitively.

Hours of work: 
  • Full time 40-hour week – based on a rota shift pattern.

Next Step
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