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"Yes Grapevine jobs has been invaluable to me over the last few years, thank you. I have found a position albeit not on this occasion via grapevine but I will definitely consider subscribing again in the future should the need arise."

"Grapevine is excellent. A really easy to use, clear system for looking at new jobs.
I gained several interviews through grapevine, so thank you very much indeed!"

"Please keep sending me the job flashes they are excellent as is this service you provide x many thanks"

"I’d just like to thank your site for enabling me to get a new job. I’ve been looking to move into music supervision for a while and recently accepted for a vacancy as a junior producer at Hear No Evil in Soho which was advertised on your site."

"Hi there, I managed to find a great role at the Discovery channel via an agency via Grapevine jobs. This is a wonderful website and better too after the refresh. Cheers Grapevine and happy Summer."

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This is the best job site around for the Media industry. I start a wonderful new job in a couple of days and its all down to Grapevine jobs!! Thank you!!!

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E. S-T

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"I was recommended to look at grapevine by a friend, and I got my first job in the UK when I moved here from NZ. I could customise my weekly job alerts and only get the stuff I wanted. It's brilliant, Use it."

"All I can say is I've used loads of websites like Grapevine Jobs, but the two big jobs I got were both through you guys... Thank you."

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"Hi Grapevine. Just wanted to say a massive thank you! As, having applied for a number of jobs through you, I have been offered a fab job, at a fab co, and start next week! I am very grateful for your daily job flashes, and your very clear and easy to use searches. I have recommended you to many of my friends, looking for work in media. Thanks again."

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"after using many job seeking sites, I have kept my details with grapevine only. This is because they do not inundate my email with irrelevant jobs. they only contact me with jobs that match my criteria perfectly. thanks."

"I think your system is very efficient and user friendly. I get far more responses and opportunities from you than I do from the service I paid for, StartupinTV.com"

"I think the grapevinejobs site is excellent, and rates really favourably next to other sites such as londonjobs, jobsfor, fish4jobs, and mandy.com. Grapevine is easier to use, better laid out, and all the information tends to be displayed, which doesn't leave you guessing!"

"Finally a easy to use media based recruitment website. After 1 year of not being able to find any real media jobs i stumble across your site. Even runner jobs! Keep up the good work!"

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"My experience of Grapevine jobs has been a very good one though, especially as I was only sent job alerts specific to my criteria, which makes a big difference to some other job search websites!"

"Thank you very much for all the info on jobs - I am not currently seeking employment so could you unsubscribe me? I'm afraid I've forgotten my login details... Insofar as feedback is concerned, the jobs all matched the criteria I entered, and I never found the service obtrusive or unnecessary, as can happen with other subscription services. Thanks again for all your help."

"Many thanks for everything, I found grapevinejobs the only website that emailed me jobs that were so relevant to my media and entertainment background. Well done. And the service received was excellent!
We can only wish that other recruitment websites (and companies!) have such good service!"

"Grapevine jobs is an excellent service, The email updates are just the right frequency and always relevant. I've now found employment but stay subscribed to keep an eye on what's available!"

"I just wanted to say a big thank you to Grapevine. I recently got a new job through your site with TWI which is a huge break for me.
I will be using you again in future (but not too soon I hope!)
All the best."

"I wish to unsubscribe from grapevinejobs as I have now accepted a job offer found through you. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team as I originally had difficulty trying to submit my application due to a server error, but fortunately the team managed to send my documents to the employer on my behalf. Thanks again."

"Thanks guyz, my current work as video QC I got through you & it has been a doorway into a whole new realm of possibilities. "

"I no longer wish to subscribe to Grapevine jobs, as I have just found a job, and it was in fact found through your job listings that get sent to me daily - so thank you very much!

I have always found Grapevine jobs to be a great source of jobs and have found it easy and convenient to use, keep up the good work!"

“You’re doing a great job!”