1. Opening new account

Options for the employer appear on the dropdown menu of the far left at the top of each each page. In addition, various shortcuts appear on the right hand side of the page where appropriate.

2. Posting new job

Once you have opened an account you will notice that the employer dropdown menu is extended to include more options. These extra options will appear every time every time you sign-in in future. The option you will most commonly use is ‘post a new job’. There are three elements to a grapevine job listing; job title, ad headline and body copy. We suggest that you prepare these in Microsoft Word before visiting grapevinejobs to post the job listing.

The job title and ad headline appear in the display ads. The body copy only appears if a jobseeker chooses to see a display ad in more details. Simply cut and paste your 3 prepared elements into the appropriate boxes on the post a new job page and press submit. Once your job listing has been processed by grapevine you will receive an e-mail notification.

a. Function/sector

If you find that the relevant function and/or sector for you job listing does not appear please contact us and we will do our best to help.

b. Anonymous listing

If you wish not to reveal your company’s name, tick the box marked ‘list job anonymously without company name or logo’.

c. Initial run

Your job will be listed for an initial period of two weeks, at which point the job is automatically removed from the site for a week. You will receive an e-mail asking if you wish to re-run the job for a further two weeks. This cycle is repeated to a maximum of eight weeks.

3. Job rerun

When the job has run the initial two-week placement you will be sent a reminder. This reminder email serves to advice you to book rerun dates, which are in blocks of two weeks each. This method of posting ensures that the listing is constantly in motion and appears to be fresh while also qualifying that listed positions are still available and have not been filled.

4. Job amendment

If you wish to amend a job while it is listed visit ‘view jobs – own (or all)’, select the job you wish to amend and click on request an amendment. You will then be taken to a page where you can make amendments (there is a no charge for this). Once you have submitted your amendment and it has been processed by grapevinejobs you will receive an email alerting you that your amended job has been posted on the site.

5. Job reactivation

When the eight-week cycle (see above, point 3) is completed or if you have chosen not to re-run a job, you can reactivate your job listing at any time (standard job listing rates apply).

6. Administrator functions

If a company has multiple users, one of them will be appointed administrator. The administrator has extra functions not available to other users. These functions are:

a. Register new user

As an administrator you can create new users within your company. In order to do so go to update users screen and fill in the information required. You will also need to designate a password for the user, which will then be sent to them along with the confirmation and instructions on how to use the site.

b. Update/delete user

In order to do this go to update users screen and select the user you wish to update from a drop down box. The system will then automatically fill the form with the information provided during the initial set up. Once you have made any changes click OK button to submit.

The same rule applies to deleting users. Once you’ve clicked OK button the user will be deleted from our system.

c. Change administrator

If you wish to appoint a new administrator please do the following. Go to update user screen and select your name from the ‘update’ drop down menu. Replace the displayed details with these of a new administrator and click OK. A confirmation email will be sent to the new administrator including his/her username and password as well as instructions. If the person you wish to appoint as administrator is already a registered user then go to update account screen and select the person from the drop down menu and click OK. The selected person will then become an administrator.

d. Update profiles

This screen allows you to add new divisions/companies as well as update or delete the existing ones. You can also add or change the company logo.

e. Update account

You can update company’s details such as name, address and web site using this screen. You can also change the administrator here by appointing to this role one of the registered users.

7. Callback request

Although grapevinejobs is a website employers will have a chance to speak to our staff directly on the phone, as well as communicating via email. While we will not post our telephone numbers on site, as an employer you will be able to submit a callback request. Simply fill in the form provided and click ‘Submit’ button. grapevinejobs staff will then call you back as soon as they receive your request.