frequently asked questions

How do I get in touch with you?

Please send any questions in an email, or call us on +44 20 7387 5445.

Why is grapevinejobs so much less expensive than traditional media?

grapevinejobs was created specifically to offer an effective, low-cost alternative to traditional advertising media. One way we keep our own costs down is by having no other content on the site.

We have a constant stream of vacancies to fill. Do we qualify for quantity discounts?

We offer clients the opportunity to buy 'job credits' in advance on an annual basis. Naturally, the greater your commitment, the lower the price per job. Email us for further details.

Are there any hidden costs?


If we advertise on grapevinejobs, won't we be deluged by unsuitable responses?

It's possible you may get a few unsuitable responses; however, the overall quality of applicants received from grapevinejobs will be better than just about any other source. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • grapevinejobs is targeted at people already in - or very close to - the broadcast, media and entertainment sectors. It is specifically not aimed at the general public, and for this reason grapevinejobs is never advertised or promoted. People hear us through word-of-moth (i.e., the real grapevine).
  • Our application process is designed to deter "casual" applicants: specifically, jobseekers are required to write and save a cover letter before they can apply. If they aren't willing to invest the time to do this, we believe they aren't serious applicants
  • Also, we restrict jobseekers to a maximum of 5 applications a day. If the jobseekers attempts to apply for more, the applications are not sent, and the jobseekers is advised of this.
  • When jobseekers first register with us, they are warned not to apply for jobs for which they are not qualified. They also receive a reminder about this when they go through the application process.
  • Where unsuitable applications are sent, we encourage advertisers to let us know. We then send a Warning email to the offender letting them know that a repeat complaint could result in being banned from the site. These warnings are generally effective although we do occasionally need to ban persistent offenders.
  • grapevinejobs includes Pre-Screening capability which enables advertisers to ask jobseekers up to 10 yes/no questions about their skills and experience which they must answer before they apply. (The wording of the pre-screening questions can be used to deter unsuitable candidates.) The site 'marks' the candidates responses against your preferred answers and then reports the applicants scores in the subjects line of their email applications.

All of these factors contribute to the generally high calibre of applicants from grapevinejobs.

We're a recruitment company: can we advertise our current assignments on grapevinejobs?

Yes, as long as they're relevant to grapevinejobs. You can list the jobs either under your own name with your own logo, with your client's name and logo - or anonymously [not recommended].

We have positions to fill outside the UK. Can we list them on grapevinejobs?

Yes, many of our jobseekers (and some of our clients) are based outside the UK, although the majority are here, so you can advertise your international position on our UK site.
grapevinejobs is also part of an international network.

Who owns grapevinejobs?

grapevinejobs is privately owned. The principal shareholder also owns Searchlight, which is a recruitment consultancy specialising in the media sector. Despite the common ownership, grapevinejobs is completely independent of Searchlight and operates at arm's length with different staff.

If I need help after advertising on grapevinejobs, do I have to use Searchlight?

No, other recruitment consultants may be able to help. For example, GIMR and Pricejamieson are competitors to Searchlight (and are also advertisers on grapevinejobs).